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Vibranium the toughest metal in the universe is it real or fake?

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Is the toughest metal  Vibranium Real?

So if you are a marvel comics fan than you have probably have heard about the metal vibranium as we have seen in movies it is considered as the toughest metal in the universe? so what do you know about this metal, is it real or fake?

As per my research, the metal vibranium is a fictional metal which was published in Marvel comics, its qualities are that it stores a large amount of kinetic energy in very less space but, in reality, there is no metal named vibranium is present on our earth.

let's find out more interesting facts about the vibranium metal.

How vibranium came to earth in the Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU).
According to Marvel comics, a meteor hit the earth and out of  fell near the place named Wakanda where it is mined.

In Marvel comics, the vibranium first appeared in 1966 in the Daredevil #13 edition by the Stan Lee and Jhon Romita after than this metal played an important role in movies such as Captain America and Black Panther.

The African country Wakanda  found the vibranium used it in their various field and become the most advanced country in the world (T Chaka) found this metal very interesting and became the first Black Panther.

Qualities of Vibranium 

The vibranium in movies was used as the shield of Captain America and body suit of black panther it can stop bullets, sharp objects also it absorbs the energy in a very high amount

Vibranium In Period Table.

Vibranium has heavy metals so it would be likely to be placed on the middle section of the period table.

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Viranium in world

Closest element to vibranium in the real world.

So if you are thinking which is the closest metal to vibranium in ou world the answer is graphene and here are some properties of it.

  • It is one atom thick which makes it very lightweight and incredibly strong.

  • It is 200 times stronger than steel.

  • It has an excellent  quality of absorbing heat and electrical energy also, it can absorb light energy as well.

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graphene vs vibranium

Graphene is used to make different products like.

  • Batteries
  • Transistors
  • Computer boards
  • Solar cells
  • Modern Led Television
  • Space ships equipment and etc.

Movies Related with it.

I am a huge fan of Marvel so I have watched every movie of it so as much I have remembered the first movie when we saw was captain America first avenger (2011) , then we saw it’s full history in black panther(2018)

The last appearance of vibranium metal was in the movie The avengers-end game where we saw Thanos(The Bad guy) broked Captain America's the shield which was made of vibranium.

The last appearance of vibranium metal was in the movie An avengers-end game where we saw Thanos(The Bad guy) broked Captain America's the shield which was made of vibranium.

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