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Electronic Voting Machine [EVM] How does it work.

Election 2019

There was a time when conducting elections were very burdened process in our country. When the counting of votes started, it was not known when it would end. For two days, three days and somewhere, the result was four to four days. Votes were cast on the ballot and counting was done by hand. There were times also allegations of cheating. If the order of the recording was done anytime, the result would come when the predictor could not even do anything about it.
There was a quarrel of counting, the process of voting was also stained. Unless the ballot was held on the election, the game of booth capturing also-ran. For remote rural areas were far away, even in the urban areas, they used to hold debugging booths and stamp their ballot. Change of time, Electronic Voting Machine i.e. EVM has come to simplify India's electoral process. After this machine comes, the result comes only in a few hours, the incidents of capturing the booth have also stopped. The paramilitary force on the booth remains stationed as well, the system of voting on EVMs is such that people can not even capture.

Right to Vote

EVM and it’s units.

EVMs actually have two separate machines The control unit is with the voting officer, while the ballot unit can be used by voters. Unless the balloting officer presses the ballot button from the control unit, the ballot unit cannot be voted off. The process is such that it takes a minute to put ink on the finger, perform seagrasses, release ballet and cast votes. After the ballot unit is cast, people do not mind whatever buttons they press. The balloting unit is useless till the voting officer does not approve it. For two decades, security of voting centres has been handed over to the Para Military Force. Now the leader cannot do anything within the polling station as he is overwhelmed.

what is EVM and VVPAT

How Does EVM Run? What Is its Source of electricity?

Electricity does not need to run EVMs. Both of its unit run from the battery. Now the VVPAT being added to it also runs from the battery. EVMs continue to work in rural areas where there is a power crisis. Data is saved in its hard disk. Data is not deleted even if the battery is down. Extra batteries are also given to every polling party. He turns this on to turn the voting process on. Many EVMs are also cheated. Therefore, every sector magistrate is given Extra Machines. It can be changed within five minutes when the machine is spoiled. There are six batteries in one machine. This battery is made in Bharat Electronics Limited, Bangalore and Electronic Corporation of India Limited, Hyderabad.

EVM machine with Control unit

How Many  Candidates Names can be used in EVM?

An EVM contains 16 buttons. That is, only 16 nominees can come in one unit. When the number of candidates is high, the EC encloses another unit with the EVM. So far, maximum 4 machines have been selected together. There were 64 nominees in 4 units. So far, there has not been an opportunity to connect more than 4 machines in India. At present, the Election Commission has clarified that a maximum of 64 candidates can participate in the elections. An EVM can only record a maximum of 3840 votes. Voter list is also prepared on the basis of EVM capacity. By the way, it was not necessary to put such a vote in a machine till today. In an EVM, only 1000 to 1500 votes are taken.

Voting is a Right

Choose Wisely Before Voting Because of No Delete option?

If you vote, check the machine well. Press the blue button next to the candidate who has to vote. If you press the button once, this final lock is locked. Just like KBC Once you have locked the answer, you can not change it. Similarly, after pressing the wrong button in EVM you can not improve it. You will not get a second chance. So go to the entire hosho havan on the polling booth and use the right to vote with wisdom. So far, many elections have been done with EVMs. If you have any questions about the EVM in your mind, then search the solution before voting. Election Commission's website will help you in this work. It has given full details about the machine and the way to vote is given.

The EVM Is Locked after the voting.

When the last voter casts the vote, the close button in the machine suppresses the voting officer. After this, the number of votes is also made known to the polling agent. After pressing the close button, votes cannot be cast in the EVM. Polling agents can match votes shown on voting day and votes shown during counting. There have been allegations that many times the number of votes cast was higher than that of the EVM but till date, it has not proved any.

Although questions were raised on the EVM after Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, the Election Commission has also started using the verified paper audit trail i.e. VVPat machine to make the system more transparent. VVPAT is paired with EVMs. After this, the voter also has an opportunity to see who has voted for him. As soon as the voter presses the button of EVM, VVPAT slips for a few seconds in which the candidate has the name and the symbol of the symbol, which he has voted. This slip is automatically stored in a box.

The Election Commission is going to launch a special initiative for the upcoming elections. The name of this initiative is VVPAT. ]

VVPAT Machine

What is VVPAT?

Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) is a type of machine that is connected with EVMs. The advantage of this is that when a person gives his vote using EVM, in this machine he can also see the name of the candidate whom he has voted.

Why is this machine being brought?

After BJP's victory in the recent assembly elections, the opposition parties had said of EVM disorder. It was also demanded that VVPAT is used in the forthcoming elections. Due to this, the use of this machine is being considered.

What Language is used In VVPAT?

In this language, the name VVPAT machine will appear under the VVPAT machine, for seven seconds, it will be able to see whether the vote he has voted or his candidate has received according to his wishes. Through this machine, the voter will see the candidate's election symbol and name in his chosen language.

Chattisgarh Elections

Useful to deal with the disputes, let you know VVPAT has used the Election Commission in West Bengal along with Jharkhand in some other states. It is expected that VVPAT can be used in the neighbouring states along with the elections of the state. Please tell that VVPAT machine is connected with EVM, so that the information of the voter is printed and stored in the machine and the problem is settled by providing information in the dispute situation.

In the end, we live in the world biggest democracy so we must cast our vote in order to fulfil our needs and for our country.

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