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Cracker Free Diwali | you will stop burning Cracker After Reading This !!!

dont use firecrackers

On this Diwali festival and people are buying their favourite things like clothes, Electronics goods and other items likewise fireworks or crackers are also purchased by people in but do you know what are the serious effects after burning the cracker that it harms to our environment let us know?

Do you know the amount of smoke produced by a single cracker is equal to 500 cigarettes

let us make a comparison and see how they can harm us.

The biggest damage to firecrackers is to those elderly people, who are suffering from old age and on the other side are surrounded by all the diseases.

For pregnant women, crackers are not less than any destructive weapon. Gases like sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide etc. harmful gases dissolve in the air. Which are harmful to our body.

The smell of firecrackers, i.e. smell, is the risk of breathlessness, cough, cough, heart and lung problems, eye infection, asthma attack, throat infection etc.

According to many experts, due to fireworks during Diwali, the risks of health problems like heart attack, blood pressure, nose allergies, bronchitis and pneumonia increase. Therefore, patients of asthma and heart should take special precautions on the occasion of Deepawali.

Burning the firecrackers,Can severe damage to the eyes and ear curtain can burst.

According to the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), due to firecrackers in Delhi, air pollution is increased to six to ten times after the Diwali and the level of noise increases to 15 decibels.

Flowers and pomegranate are the most colourful and bright lights. Different firearms are mixed with different materials for different colour lights. This material, which gives colour to the light, is also very dangerous. In the same way, the long-running voice also leaves too much smoke. If we compare, then these three items leave the smoke as much as 30 to 50 cigarettes. "

Saha tells about more smoke than these firecrackers, "Aluminium and barium are usually used in making crackers, as well as potassium nitrate, zinc, paper lead, charcoal and ash, but colourful Different types of materials, are needed for fireworks such as barium nitrate for green light, sodium nitrate for red colour and magnesium for white color. Is used. The dangerous thing is that the smoke of fireworks is very spread out and let it take several days clear.

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