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Pub G Season 4 Know What Can You Get. 

Know What Can You Get when pub g season 4 will start .how to downlaod pub g season 4 ,how to udate pub g season 4.

Pub G Mobile is one the most popular game till now it was launched in early 2018 and got a very awesome response from all over the world. The game has received more than 100 million downloads in iOS and Android platform. Every teenager guy or girl would have played this till now.

Pub G Mobile is a battle royal game in which 100 unknown player battle with each other to win the chicken dinner. The game has completed it’s season 3 a few days back and now it’s time for season 4.

So let’s see what are the new things that you are going to witness in Pub G Mobile Season 4.

What’s New In Pub G Mobile Season 4.

The Hardcore Mode.

Pub G mobile season 4 will have a hardcore mode for a limited amount of time. This mode features a player to play in silent you will not hear any type of footsteps and audio which helps you to win this game. with no helping audio, the game is very hard to play. Likewise sniper mode, arcade mode this is given for the limited time.


The Season 4 will have new rifle M762 which uses 7.62mm rounds which is available for all the maps for the first time. Also, some changes have been made to weapon classes.

New Weather

The Developers have made the weather dynamic this time and due to this, it would be shifting from Sunny, Foggy And Rainy.

New Skins

The Joker And Herley Quinn Skins have been added also new rifle, parachutes and much more.


A new Scooter is added to the Sanhok map.

Latest Chat System Lowers The Ram.

The Developers updated the chat system of the game making it much simpler and light now you can store you massages easily.

Download Pub G Mobile Now.

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