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Here are some of the best and our favourite game of 90's.

Playing video games was the best part and this was at the high in the 90s. Video games were such a thing, in which there was no need to go out of the house to spend time. Certain video game caf├ęs were definitely but most of these video games were enough to entertain by the house. Attaching a video game device to TV and starting remotely was something great. At that time there were some video games that were known for great entertainment and were the most popular. Apart from this, video games were available in different categories, but their popularity was probably no more than these selected games. Today, we will see the most popular video games of the 90s that have been played by almost everyone.



Who will save the princes and find out what will be the memory of Mario? Nata Italian plumber Mario became very popular in the Indian video game world. At the beginning of the 90s, Mario's pitcher was like a super-duper hit movie. However, many versions of Mario came later, but the old Mario still holds the hearts of people. Mario's 'dominance' is so much that Google Maps has also used its logo in its maps.

lawzikk.com takken3


Tekken was one of the most loved arcade game of all time. It was made by Namco. After this game of 'arcade fighting ', there are 2 and 3 versions. Tekken 3 was also extremely popular The well-known characters of this game were Paul, Lion, Hitachi and Ogre. Takken has several parts now it’s different series came up with time in different game consoles.

lawzikk.com contra image


Contra, the most famous game. Running and gunning with unlimited ammo was the main part of the game. This game was based on the theme 'Protecting the Earth from Red Falcon'  which was very popular. Many of its parts came and it was well liked in children. If any of the game will stand with comparison to Mario it would contra for sure in terms of popularity.

lawzikk.com duck hunt game

Duck hunt

The same game another type of game which became popular was duck hunt in this game a  duck used to fly from the bottom and went upstairs. We had to shoot them. Is based on killing the duck to feed the dog. In it, 3 shots were given to the player, through whom the ducks were given the opportunity to shoot. Points were also found in it and the opportunity to go to the next level was also given to Winner also for this game a gun was required for playing.

lawzikk.com aladdin game


During the Nintendo console gaming, this game came with a strange concept. The game was very successful and it also got many awards. It has sold 1 million copies worldwide. It was mainly highlighted that the courage and fondness of Alladin were shown. The user had to face the difficulties to become the Alladin. At many levels, the 'enemies' had to win.surely while playing this game we never got bored.

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