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Top 5 tips to save mobile data .

top 5 ways to save mobile data.
save mobile data .

Does your mobile data is getting over to fast and are you fed up of recharging your mobile data with expensive data packs.H ere are the best ways to save mobile data using these tricks you can save your mobile data and use is it in the correct way.

By changing Settings to save mobile data.

In each smartphone's settings, you get the option to set the limit of data. You can set the limits of your data by going to the Data usage option in Settings. When accessing this limit, your smartphone stops using the data, so that you know that your set limit has been exceeded. With this setting, you can save your data, which can be of great help to you.

Using Third Party Apps.

You can download many apps by visiting the Play Store, which can set up information from your phone's data to its limit. With these apps, you can see which service is consuming more of your data pack.

By changing the download option.

If you want to save your data, the best way to do this is its download settings. You can set the download to Wifi option by going to Settings in Phone and App. This means that your phone or app will download the media files only when your smartphone will be in the range of a Wifi.

Data Monitoring

If you want to save your phone's data, you have to resort to data monitoring. That is, you have to see which app is consuming more of your data.

Light app

Light apps consume the lowest amount of data on your phone. These apps also consume the lowest amount of phones from RAM to storage. You can save your data from Facebook Lite to a light application like Youtube Go.

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