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Top tips that you should do when your phone becomes wet.

Tips for saving your smartphone after getting wet.

Today we are going to tell you that if your phone falls into the water or becomes drenched in the rain, then what are the things you should do immediately and what are the things you should not do at all. Actually, many times the phone is not spoiled by falling or drowning, but it gets spoiled due to mistakes made by the users. So know about the ways in which you can save your smartphone after wetting or even soaking.

Here are the top tips that you should follow to save your smartphone.

Instant switch off the phone

If your phone has fallen into water or drowned, first switch it off. On the other hand, when the user becomes wet, they start checking on by turning on the phone so that the circuit of the phone gets shorter and the phone gets spoiled. When the phone is wet, switch it off in a dry place.

 Use Rice box to absorb moister

If your smartphone is wet, then switch it off and put it in a thin plastic and put it in the rice box. Put the phone in the box for a day or two. This will eliminate all the moisture inside the phone. After that check on by phone.

Do not dry the phone using hair drying or any other appliance 

If your phone is wet or wet, then switch it off first. In such a situation, do not try to dry the machine by forgetting the phone. Many users make such a mistake that their smartphone gets spoiled. Actually, the hot air of the dryer can damage your phone's body or display. Apart from this, the heating of the dryer can also melt the circuit of the phone.

Do not connect with another device

Due to the deterioration of the phone's water, many users are afraid to get rid of the data lost or worse due to which they start connecting the wet phone to the laptop or PC. In this case, it can be dangerous for both your phone and laptop. Wet phones can also spoil other devices. Apart from this, the phone circuits can also be short.

Check before charging the phone

If your phone was wet or drenched before you turn it on or before charging, check that no part of the phone is wet. If the phone is wet or there is moisture in it then the phone's circuits can be shot and your phone may be spoiled. Apart from this electric shocks can also be threatened.

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