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Samsung Onyx :-Now Watch Movies In LED Movie theaters.


From more than 100 the projectors were used to watch movies in big screen ,the movie theaters use the projector in order to make the cinema expireance good but now in 2018 Samsung has done something mindblowing and made a big led screen to watch movies in theaters known ans Onyx . 

Lets see its technical specs:-

  • Onyx is first DCI compliant cinema screen and it will provide upto 4k content or upto 8k in the future.

  • Onyx has High Dynamic Range (HDR) with distort free visuals.

  • Onyx cinema will provide ten times brightness and contrast compared to present projectors and also we can enjoy movies even if the lights are turned on in the theaters.

  • Onyx has partned with HARMAN which will provide best combine sound of JBL,CROWN and BSS.

  • The emersive sound expirenace will allow the audience to listen every effect from every seat corner so no need to take special seat for the sourround sound.

What is  the price ?

Samsung Onyx will cost around $500,000 for a 34 feet screen and go to $800,000 for it's other varients  also 34 feet screen has the 4096  * 2160 resolution and provide 2K,4k,3D and HDR content.
The price is quiet high compared to projection technology.

The onyx cinema has done partnership with PVR cinema of india and has opened it's first 4k onyx theater in New Delhi.

Also onyx Led will also be used for gaming .music show and all other various events.

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