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Restoring deleted message on WhatsApp easily.

lawzikk.com Restoring deleted message on WhatsApp
Restoring deleted message on WhatsApp

Almost every mobile user uses WhatsApp messenger. So WhatsApp is not just a social media app but it has become our requirement. Through WhatsApp, users can easily send their text, documents, and media files to any other user. In such cases, WhatsApp is being used for official purposes, but this is what makes WhatsApp a lot of trouble. In fact, many times we accidentally delete our essential messages. In such a situation, we have to face difficulties often with those messages. But today we are going to tell you how you can restore your deleted messages. So you know about this method from which you can recover the deleted message in minutes.

Without these, you can not move further to restoring deleted message on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp must be installed in your phone.

Your phone must have an active Internet connection.

Your phone is working on Android 4.4 or above.

Follow these steps to follow Restoring deleted message on WhatsApp.

  • Download the Notification history app by going to Playstore.

  • Open the app and allow notification and administrator permissions by tapping on the Allow button.

  • After this, the app will start recording all your notification history.

  • After this, open the app for notification history and tap on the WhatsApp icon.

  • Now tap on the number or name of the person whose delete message you want to read.

 These are the limitations of the app

The app can store only the first 100 words of the delete message

If you restart your phone, these messages will be deleted.