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Blogging Tips


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Steps To follow writing a good blog.

How to Write a blog in blogger Step by step

This is a very easy job. With this, I will tell you today, when you publish the post on Blogger, but you have to take care of some things.

So, friends, you made your blog but if you will not post regularly your blog will not get good traffic and you will not be able to earn money from blogging.

While writing a post, keep in mind that your post title, URL and post are SEO friendly.

So that search engine could understand your post and your readers also benefit from your post

How to Publish post In blogger.

While publishing posts in Blogger, you have to take care of some of the things mentioned below.

Title –  Title is the most important part of writing a post without a good or relevant title the readers cannot understand about the post also writing a good title in post help in indexing of post in google.

Post – After writing the title its time for writing a post if the post should be grammatical should be correct. Also, do not copy other material or article in your blog because Google will not rank your post in the search engine.

Image – With the use of proper image you can tell your readers or attract them to read your post if you use more images in the post than the audience retention will also be increased.

Permalink / Url – here you have to write in short about your post.

Search Description - To see this option in the Post Editor, click on Settings >> Search Description >> Meta Tags >> Yes. Here you can add a meta description of your blog post. Also, you have to write the description about your post this option is given in an individual post.

Labels - Here you can add the category. If you want to add a post to a specific category, then you can type the name of that category here. As you have a recipe blog, and you share the recipe for eating veg and non-veg in it. So you can use category/label in such a way. That means whenever you click on user veg recipe / non-veg recipe, you will find blog posts containing all veg recipe / non-veg recipes from your site. You can add up to 20 labels at a time in one post but it should not mislead the post. 


So friends in this post we saw the how to write a post in the blog post.

Before writing a post, you decide to blog on the niche (topic) and decide. So that you could understand the topic well and share the post on your blog.

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