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Now use google tez with a new name google pay

Google tez is now Google Pay

The Google for India 2018 event. During this event, the company changed the name of its payment app Google Tez. Google Tez now be known as  Google Pay. Google's main aim is to make Google Pay available at 1.5 hundred thousand retail stores in India by this Diwali. Business and merchants will be able to pay for Google Ad through Google Pay. Google has claimed that over 12 LAKHS small and big business people in India are using Google Tez (Google Pay) app. The app users will also get a loan facility through Google Pay. For this, the company has partnered with Federal Bank, HDFC Bank and some selected banks. The loan amount will be pre-approved. This loan amount will be credited to bank account.

In the Google for India 2018 event, the company has also announced that 22 lakhs people use Google Tez every month. Since the launch in September last year, a total of Rupees 75 crores has been transmitted via the app. The company has claimed that since the launch of Google Tez, (BHIM) the UPI payment app has increased the transaction to 14x every month. In March 2018 this year Google added the chat feature to the Google Tez app. With this feature, users can talk to the other person in their phone book.

Here are the some of the best feature of Google Tez app and why you should you it.

Google Tez supports several Indian languages.
Google tez reminds and gives the details of due bills.
Tez also rewards coupons which give the money back offers.

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