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Know the best features of google chrome.

best features of chrome

Google Chrome browser is one the best and topmost internet browser in the world, yes, we are talking about the same Google Chrome which will be available on every Android smartphone and laptop and desktop. Just 10 years ago, Google launched it. Before Google Chrome the internet users had two options in the form of a browser  Microsoft Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Apple was on the market in Safari there.

By the way, you will still be using Google Chrome. Google Chrome has changed a lot over these ten years. Well, let's tell you about the best features of the Google Chrome browser.

 Here are the best features.

Opening the closed tabs.

All tabs are closed together Many times it happens that we have opened many tabbed tabs in Google Chrome but all tabs are accidentally closed together. In such a situation, we become upset, though you do not have to worry. You need to follow these steps first re-open Google Chrome and then press Control + Shift + T three buttons together. Now all your old tabs will open in a new window. After this, close the second window.

Using the Incognito mode.

If you want to keep secret what you are searching in the Google Chrome browser, then you can get the help of incognito mode. In this mode, the history is not created when you are surfing, and nobody knows what you searched on the computer. the incognito mode can be turned on by, clicking on the three dots on the right side of the Google Chrome browser and then your incognito mode option will be found.

Browsing with the help tab buttons keyboard.

Do you know that you can browse in Google Chrome with the help of using the number keys on the keyboard? example, if you have 5 tabs open in chrome and you have to go to the fifth tab, then you have to press 2 with the control. Just reach the second tab without touching the mouse. Is so amazing

Without copying search the website.

As you are searching for something in Google Chrome and there is a page open and the URL of any website on that page has not been hyperlinked, you have to select the URL and right click it. After this Google Chrome will ask you whether you want to go directly to the website or search. If you want to search any word, you can select it without copy-paste and search by right click.

 Backup Your Bookmarks and History.

Many times we mark our favourite websites by making bookmarks, but our problem increases even when we need a special bookmark, but we do not have that computer. To get rid of such problem, sign in with your e-mail ID in Google Chrome and back up the bookmark. After that, you can see your bookmark by opening Google Chrome anywhere and logging in with Gmail.

 Chrome plays audio and video too.

Now drag any video or audio file from your computer with the mouse and leave it in its address bar and leave it. Google Chrome can play any video or audio file. That too with video and audio controller.

 Convert email or webpage to PDF format from Google Chrome.

Emails are stored on our online account, but if for some reason they have to save in computer, copy-paste is to be saved in applications like Word or Notepad, which eventually eliminates them, but if If you are using Google Chrome browser then you can safely keep your emails safe in PDF format. You can read them even if you do not have the internet connection. Read to know-save email in PDF format

Use it as a calculator.

It is also an amazing unit converter, along with quantity and weight, along with the length, temperature, speed, timing, angle, area, currency or currency, energy, fuel consumption, math like computer memory, nibble, etc. Convert many types of units too.

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