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Call Of Duty Black OPs Countdown, release date, maps and much more !!!

Add capCall Of Duty Black OPs Countdowntion

The Call of duty black ops 4, is ready to release next month let's see what the Cod fans will witness in this battle royal game which will release on PS4, PC and Xbox.

features of Call of duty black ops 4 

  • As per the celebration pack of COD black ops, the total number of player can play this battle royal is 80.

  • Also, players can play in solo, duo, and squad mode in COD.

  • The blackout map is the biggest map of call of duty game history in the beta mode.

  • Locations like the hydro dam, firing range, train station and asylum can be found on nuke town map.

  • The players can also kill zombies in this game and will get a chance to loot special items and weapons.

The timing of the Beta release.

For only PS4 users, the Call Of Duty Blackout beta will release in the united kingdom (UK) at 6pm on September 10.

And for PC and Xbox user it will release on September 14  at 6pm.

for the rest of the region, it will release on September 17.

The game will officially release on October 12 worldwide, also can it compete will the trending games like PUBG and FORTNITE we will see this in next few months.

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