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Do you like to play Pub g ,if yes then you should know these awesome facts.

unkown facts pub g lawzikk.com

Key highlights:-

  • Awesome pub g facts.
  • Pub g total figures (sales,income).
  • Pub g on Playstation 4.

So guys welcome to the blog and today we will the most viral games of 2018 Player unkown battleground  that is (Pub g)  well the game is known by every teenager and adult who are more interested toward video games, so today we will see latest updates and interesting facts also when pub g will be released on play station 4 console or it’s just a rumor .

So here are the Facts about facts about Pub –G.

1.Pub g game  on an average earns  $300,000 dollar per day since it’s royal pass began.

2.The highest earning that pub g has ever made till now is on June 21 on this single day the game had made whooping $1.1 million dollars.

3.Pub g video game is available in almost every platform and now rumors are that it is coming for play station 4 console.

4.Pub g has sold 50 million copies excluding mobile and ios platform.

5.pub g has record of playing highest number people at a time beating DOTA 2  with  1,342,857 players.

6.Well if have seen this when you win a game or match in pub g  “Winner winner chicken dinner “  this concept was used in early time in battle ground matches.

7.Pub g has it’s own pc emulator which was built by the Tencent games one of the developer of pub g ,using this emulor we can play pub g mobile version in any low end pc and get the same expireance.

8.Pub g receives almost 300 million monthly player  and 90 million are daily player.

9.Almost more than 500 million people around the world have played pub game.

10.The top three countries where pub g is played most is  USA,INDIA,INDONESIA.

11.Pub G completed 130 million download in august from the 200 countries around the world.

12. Since season  2 started Pub g Player spent over 50.7 million hours in prone mode if you don’t know what the prone mode is when player lie down in grass to reduce the noise or to hide himself from being attacked.  

13.In  pub g season 2 total 87 million chicken dinners were awarded.

14.The most used weapon in pub g AKM .

15.The distance covered by pub g players is so huge that we can make 54 billion rounds of earth in that distance.

So guys now we are in season 3 and their will lot of danger and new things so we will try to bring more stats of season 3 also.

Now lets focus on Pub g will be coming to play station 4 or not ?

Pub g developers are not officially announced that it will come on ps console or not but there are some of the hints that show that  it may come to ps4 because the developers had been seen using ps4 dual shock 4 controllers in developing the game but one thing is sure that is will come one xbox 1.0 so we will try to update you people if we will get any notification or news regarding to this topic.

For More update stay tuned.

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