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What will be the future of technology in the next ten years !!!

lawzikk.com technology.

Ever wonder how technology is changing day by day, the invention of different gadgets and products are increasing at a massive scale if it is in the field of smartphones, aerospace, medical equipment every year a month new technology comes and we get amazing from that.

Now if look back at 2008 which is ten years back from now did you ever thought that the things, electronic equipment that we are using at present would exist ,eleven years ago the first I phone was launched which had the advanced features of that time like 3G connectivity,128 Mb ram and Etc which at present time no phone of 3G in market sold now .so in this article we will discuss what will be our future of technology in next 10 years .  

Let us discuss what will be the future of technology in different fields like Communication, Aerospace, medical, Education, Gadgets, Farming, Construction and etc.

The future of technology in communication.

As you have seen nowadays we  can easily do anything with our smartphone, like ordering food, shopping, ppointment each and everything is possible now a days , now I if tell that the gadgets that you are using are eventually have everything in it like it read faces ,scan fingerprints  send money to almost every corner of the world but this is not the end of invention the thing that will be seeing in next upcoming years is awesome let’s take alook of the some of the upcoming future technology.

5G connectivity Or network .

5G technology is initially launched but is now in it’s testing phase the official launched of 5G will be 2019 in Major Developed Country of the world. The speed which 5G will provide to us is 1Gbps which is ten time the speed of our current network 4G.

Also in the next few years, these are ththe ing that you are going to see in your Smartphone.
  • Full Augmented Reality (AR) support almost in every smartphone.
  • 3D projector and holograms .
  • Retina scan and Heartbeat Tracker.
  • Flexible screens.
  • Inbulid projectors.

The future of technology in Aerospace.

The technology for space science is also well developed in past few years like example India found water on moon and Nasa built its parker probe space shuttle and the first man-made the thing which will be closest to the sun.AlsoMars is going to be the second home of humans so to make that possible scientist have been experimenting with the various method to do farming in  Mars. Also, the first human mission to mars is going to be possible in next upcoming years. 

The future of technology in Medical.

Well in the medical field our future in protected because many techniques have been developed that a person can live longer life below I have listed some of them.

  • 3D printing technology for bones .- For printing bones
  • Anti bleeding gel – for stopping the blood .
  • Artificial cell memory- for memorizing.
  • Creating cyborgs –For creating robotic part s for handicap humans (one that don’t have legs or hands).

The future of technology in Farming.

Smart ideas of farming will be done in order to get good crop productivity also in future their will be no loss of farming due to following techs.

  • ·         Weather Tracking.

  • ·         Satellite Imaging.

  • ·         Pervasive Automation.

  • ·         Minichromosomal Technology.

  • ·         RFID Technology.

  • ·         Vertical Farming.

 In general our future is full of exiting invension also we will who knows the thing that we have discussed would see in next few  2-3 years .

Well If you have any questions regarding any topic comment us below and we will make sure to take action on that particular topic.

Thanks for reading. 

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