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How can all of us help kerala in rebulding .


After the massive destruction in “God’s Own Country” Kerala flood has settle down but the loss of many life’s and property is so huge that every one should raise their in order to rebuild kerala .In this flood nearly 400 people where died and 10 lakhs people where affected and lost their home.

Let us look at details how much kerala have lost till now.
·        Upto 20000 crore (Twenty thousand crore rupees) property has been damaged .

  • ·        More than 54000 hectares cultivation Is damaged.
  • ·        Upto 400 people lost their life.
  • ·        10 lakhs people where affected and lost their home.
  • ·        537 landslides.
  • ·        221 bridges broken.
  • ·        10000 km of road damaged.
  • ·        3000 farmers are affected.

But that was the natural cause that cost so much of damage now it’s time that we all humans help kerala to rebuild let’s look at the details how can it be possible as every politician ,celebrity ,actor had donated and stood for support of kerala.

Here are the state wise list how much they donated for kerala.

Tamil Nadu                     (Rs 10 crore)
Andhra Pradesh               (Rs 10 crore)
Puducherry                      (Rs 1 crore)
Jharkhand                      (Rs 5 crore)
Maharashtra                    (Rs 20 crore)
Gujarat                          (Rs 10 crore)
Punjab                            (Rs 10 crore)
Telangana                       (Rs 25 crore)
Bihar                              (Rs 10 crore)
Himachal Pradesh            (Rs 5 crore)
Uttarakhand                    (Rs 5 crore)
Chhattisgarh                    (Rs 3 crore)
Madhya Pradesh               (Rs 10 crore)
Karnataka                        (Rs 10 crore)
 West Bengal                   (Rs 10 crore)
Manipur                          (Rs 2 crore)
Tripura                           (Rs 1 crore) 

Note:if any of the data is above listed is incorrect please send us the data via email we will try to correct it as soon as possible.

Countries that donated.

UAE united arab emirates  (700 crore) Qatar (35 crore ) and india itself donated 600 crore rupees but how ever we don’t have full details of other countries that have donated .Till now from chief minister relief fund had received 700 crore rupees approx. but that’s not done there is one more thing that each and every one can give beside from donating money that is the things that people kerala need like eg from clothes ,food ,daily needs items etc for this a website is build in which you can donate any thing from clothes to biscuits and a dhoti to saree the name of the website is rescuekerala.in

How can we help thru this website  keralarescue.in

This website is build by team of 90 people where you can find details of every block of kerala state that what are things every district need each and every details of every district is given in this website  once you visit website that you have to go to contribute option and then you can see each and every item details if they require it urgently or not like take an example of chilli powder requirements of 50 kg required in Ernakulam district in kerala here you will get details where you can contribute and where is the drop point like wise every single details is give in this website so I request all the peoples   please visit and contribute in this website.

A little help from us can make kerala again “God’s Own Country”

Thank you .

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