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Every day we use a password but do you know every thing about it ??

We all use passwords once in our daily life if it is a smart phone or computer even  smart televisions have password now a days, but do you know the history of passwords their types how to use it everything well in this article you will get to know everything.

History Of Passwords

Passwords were commonly known as watchwords in ancient time the Roman Military uses passwords or watch words in order to communicate with each other also they used to identify the person by giving them a secret code .
But guys that was for the communication but now people use passwords for our privacy now a days everything is online even if we need food,education,entertainment,finance and medical everything is online so for that we need a strong pass word in order to keep our data safe.

First Digital Password

In the year 1961 the first digital password  was used it is done by MIT(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) CTSS they used a login command in which they wrote-"After typing PASSWORD, the system turns off the printing mechanism, if possible, so that the user may type in his password with privacy."

Types of passwords

Now a days we use multiple type of password like:-

  • Screen lock
  • Pin code
  • Face recognition
  • Finger print 
And much more but face recognition and finger print password are not ment for everyone these are high level password which only can be used in the specific devices  ,but the pin password is mostly used and it is very hard to crack if you use these simple tricks.

First of all  let us see how to make a password generally we use these particular things when we make or  password .

  • Birth date
  • Name
  • father;s name
  • mothers name
  • pet name
  • mobile numbers..etc 
But these things does not make our password fully protected from  a hacker.

How to Make an uncrakable password for making this you have follow some simple rules.

  • Never use same password in different account.

  • If you are using facebook then do not use mobile number as your password because it very easy to crack.

  • If you are using public wifi try not to enter any details or your password in that particular network.

  • If you share laptop or pc with other people don't save yur password in google password.

Now You know that how to save your password for being cracked.now we will see how to compose a password.

  • First of all do not include any name of yours or family member in your password this will make your password weak,instead you can use any thing from your education or memories like name of your first pet or name of your first school like like example: Holyfaithschool.105#

  • Include .,@,#,$,%,& these symbols in your password to make it strong.

  • Use Two Factor Authentication :-In this first you have to link your email or mobile number in your account and then whenever you will log in to your account it will first send one time pass in your mobile or email .This is the best way to protect your password.

  • Now if you find very hard to remember passwords here is the best trick you can follow :

  So if take an example of social media site what you can do is make one parent password for every site .

Example :You parent password is Myschool.india007 bow this is your parent password now for every social site take an example of blogger.com you can use Myschool.india007 and now at the end use blogger 2018 which make you password for blogger is Myschool.india007@blogger2018 same you can use for other websites like.




So in this way you can make your password uncrackable .hope this article would have helped yiu thaknyou reading this.

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