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Are you looking forword to work on youtube here's what you have to do..?


Hello guys welcome and today you will learn about  how to create or a youtube channel  as a career but before starting you should know few things about youtube.

From past few years youtubing  has emerged  as a biggest job giving platform youtube has million of creator now and huge amout of video is uploaded everyday on youtube.

History of youtube 

Youtube was started on 2005 feb 14th by steve chan,chand hurley javed karim they are the early employes of the paypal. At that time youtube was only used to share videos from one person to another around the world but at the present time youtube is used as good source of income by millions of people around the world.

Videos On youtube

The youtube cointains huge amout of videos also everyday 4 billion videos are share on youtube and more than 500 million new vistors came to youtube evaery single month if you reading this line at this percular time almost 70 hours of videos uploaded on youtube.

How much you can earn on youtube ?

Well if you are looking youtube in 2018 as job than you need to work hard from past few years the number of youtube  creator has increased a lot every single day thousands of creator come to you in order to gain success but few of them get to the point .
As per the earning it depends upon on your content if you have videos related to technology than you earning will be high because in this category advertisers are more interested than any other.

Now lets see how to start a youtube cahnnel.

To become professional youtuber you need to require few things:

·        Gmail account.
·        Smartphone or laptop.
·        Basic editing skills.
·        Basic photoshop editing skills.
·        Good Interacton skills.

To start Youtube in 2018 is very competitive and you need have patience to achieve a good satnd in youtube.

Steps for Creating a youtube channel.

·  Create a G-mail account.

·  After that go to youtube .com and sign in youtube with your gmail.account and that’s done you have created a youtube account but that’s not it now you have to customize youtube account.

For customization you have to go to the about section first and add about your channel that you will be posting videos on example if your food bloghger tell that what videos you are going to post in your channel .

Also you need to add you channel logo and channel art in youtube to make your channel look professional and that’s it you are good to go with youtube.

How to get success in youtube ?

Well to success you need to do one thing that is hardwork in smart way means that you have keep patience in you and post video regularly with good audio and video quality also try to bring new changes in your videos like new editing text,subtitle and many small changes to attract you audience.

Now know one know  when your videos are going to be viral just post different videos on your channel with the genre that your are maintaining.

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