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Tips And tricks for not getting a copy right strike on Youtube channel.


Hi friends so if you have a youtube channel or just started it you should have known about the policy and guidelines about youtube ,so today we will discuss on how not to get copyright strike in youtube .

Before starting let us know that what is a copyright ?

If someone created anything  like :-A material ,product ,computer generated graphic , music ,movies ,design ,art or etc originally created by his own mindset  without copying any one’s idea is a copyrighted product.

How  we can use a Copyright Product ?

For using any copyrighted product or material the first and foremost thing you have to do is take the permission of owner or creator to use his product also ask him/her about the terms and condition for using the product like giving him credits for using the material.

Now here we are talking about youtube copyright so what are the things you should be doing to prevent it.

How not to get copyright strike on Using a Video Clip ?

The first thing is research try to find more and more in internet .
Example :-If you are looking a for a video clip of cars running of street for you documentary  first of all search weather it is available in creative commons where reuse is allowed ,if you are not getting video then you should try for a copyrighted video by taking the permission of the creator .
Also there are several website where you will find paid video clip for free.

How not to get copyright strike on using  a image ?

Images are most convenient way to tell a story from your videos but sometime we do mistakes and use copyrighted content on our videos ,so lets see how to prevent it.

Use google images advance option in this you have to follow these steps:-

Go to google and type name of image you want to search.

Then click on images option on top of the page where you find different categories like Video , images ,news etc.

Then google image will open and now click on tools of on the top.

Then a bar will slide down then click on usage rights, here you will get six option :

Choose labelled for modification or reuse option.

And then images will open and you are free to use any images with out getting any copyright strike.
Also you can use several website where you get free uncopyrighted  images.

How not to get copyright strike on using  a music ?

Music are most important part of youtube videos without a proper music  and sound effects you can not make your videos look good and sound good .

For using this here are the steps you need to follow.

Use of youtube free music.
Use any third party website for getting music like sound cloud etc.Now if you still want that you wanna include copyrighted music on your video than you have to give them credits in you description or in video also you will have to share your revenew with them.

There are some other things that you can use for not getting a copyright claim that is use of “Fair use  policy” according ti this policy you can use video,photo,and music in order to make a documentary or news which comes under non profitism. 

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