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Blogging Tips


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Things You Need To Follow Before Blogging.

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Hello guys,welcome once again so in this article we will see things you should know or do before coming to blogging.

Ok so i'm gonna share some of the personal experience of mine i just started blogging few months back and got addicted with it also i did saveral  mistakes which i will share also tips before comeing to this cool platform.


What does the research mean here it means first of all you need to figure out all details requires for blogging as well as the content about what you are going to write in your blog.

You can take the use of google,youtube for getting tips and help you need to require.

2.Read The guidelines carefully.

It's a request to all my friends that please do not rush for making a blog because if you rush you blog would might be in danger or your adsense account would be suspended.

Read all the guidelines bfore creating a content if it is harming any one's sentiments,or topics related to violence,gore would not be accepted by any one or by the google itself so please make universal content.

3.Promote your blog in social media .

This is my favorite one what you need to do is make your intro of a blog  in photoshop or any editing software and promote you blog before releasing it 1-2 weeks before so that you can share with your friends and tell them to share it with others this will help you to make initial subscribers or visitors for your blog.

4.Learn Some Skills.

If you want work alone you need to learn some skills like photo editing,html coding,java,css and more.

But don't worry it is too easy you can follow videos and search google to learn about the things.

5.Make Accounts.

Before starting your blog you should make saveral accounts:-
  • Gmail.
  • Adsense for placeing ads.
  • Bank account.
  • instagram.
  • facbook
  • google plus.
And other social media in which you want to promote it.

Thank you hope this information will help you.

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